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You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Leavins Automotive:

My car broke down while outside the city of Crestview, following a lead from a local I went to Leavins where I met Mark Bean, the general manager who had a local tow company bring the vehicle in. It took less than a day for Mark and his crew to diagnose and make all repairs including the ordering and installing of a fuel pump so that I was ready and on the road in minimal time. Just goes to show locals know best where to go. If I ever need work done again in that area I know where to go now too. Thank You.

Lokua V.

This automotive shop is extremely helpful! I am from Texas and had broken down with some friends and there 7th month old baby girl. The management was extremely helpful and I couldn't have picked a better automotive service to take my car. Pick here first they will not let you down!

Brandi D.

Very friendly.. I will be coming to Leavins for all my vehicle problems.

Derek T.

Experts like Mark and Wes are invaluable to customers. You are always greeted and treated with respect and in technical language you can actually understand!

Rosemary C.

I have never had anything other than superior customer and car service from Leavins Automotive. I will certainly recommend this auto shop to anyone looking for great, reasonable, and professional auto service.

Michael Q.

Finally...found a dependable auto repair shop. "LEAVINS AUTOMOTIVE" started the job on schedule, found the problem in minutes, and met their repair timeline and price. A nation-wide shop installed incorrect parts and supposedly performed an alignment on my 3/4 Ton truck. No other nation-wide shops for my vehicles. If you are tired of overpriced shops upselling unnecessary parts and labor, try "LEAVINS AUTOMOTIVE" it's local, great technicians, excellent staff and they strive to keep customers satisfied.


We drove into town(7 hour drive each way) to visit our daughter and son in law. While driving here, our truck started acting up!? Once we arrived, we took the truck to a local dealership and were basically told there were 25 people ahead of us. They showed no sense of urgency. Knowing our situation of being from out of town and only here for 2 days! So I called my son in law who is an air force Sargent and asked if he had any suggestions? He gave us your name and number and address. He had used Leavins Automotive twice before and had been pleased! Upon arrival, I explained our situation to Les Lakes, and even though they usually don't work on diesels, he said he'd check it out to see if he could help me out'! Not only was he able to fix the truck ( issue with engine ) we received the truck back the same day! Much to our added surprise, when we came to pick up the vehicle, the bill was LESS than the estimate that was given!!! I would highly recommend this company not only for their work but for their integrity!

Dave and Mary Hippchen - Orange City, FL